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Michelle Minx


michelle minx This is a place to come and chat about bondage or just chat. We usually chat about bondage or sex or the price of tomatoes. Not that tomatoes have anything to do with bondage or sex usually, but because we are just average folks who like to chat. So come on in and meet some friends in a place where they are just being themselves, and as an added bonus you can be yourself too!

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Yahoo: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RopeTalkFriends_2
Click here for legal stuff everyone must read, understand and agree to.

Click here to download mIRC Add server chat.ropetalk.net Port 7000,6666-6669,6000,5666-5669 /join #lobby
Click here to download IceChat for free. For help with IceChat see IceChat-Install.jpg and IceChat-Setup.jpg.
Click here to chat with Mibbit Click on server and enter chat.ropetalk.net then enter your nick, #lobby for the channel and Connect.
Click here to chat with Java  or Click here for a full-screen Java window       Click here to download Java
Click here to chat with Flash or Click here to chat Wii style with or w/o a Wii Click here to download Flash
If you use an Apple phone or tablet, Click here, here, here and here for help with Colloquy.

You should find yourself in the lobby automatically. If not, type /join #lobby. Then enter the name or "nick" you want to use by typing /nick <yournick> <yourpassword> (without the <>, of course), where <yournick> is the nick you want to use and <yourpassword> is your password, if you have one. If you're female, use a feminine nick. If you're a Dom, capitalize your nick. If you're submissive, use lower-case, so people will know that.

If you're new, or not registered, you will be asked for your date of birth. Don't freak out. Nobody cares how old you are, as long as you're at least 18. We just need you to state that. To register your nick and get access to our other rooms and all our features, just type /ns register <yourpassword> <youremailaddress> (without the <>, of course), where <yourpassword> is whatever password you want to use and <youremailaddress> is your email address. Example: /ns register mypass myemailaddy Don't worry. We don't use email addresses for anything, and other chatters can't see them, but the software requires them.

You can also type /hs for a list of available commands and get help with any of them by typing /hs <command>. ("Hs" is short for "helpserv." "Ns" is short for "nickserv.") Typing /ns help will get you a list of nickserv commands, and typing /ns help <command> will get you more help.

To chat privately (PM) with another chatter, just double click on their nick in the list on the side, but ask first.

michelle_minx      Email michelle@Reds-Realm.net or contact me as michelle_minx on Skype.
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